June Null

With the desire to solve puzzles, as well as improve and optimize workflows -- programming has created a wonderful outlet for me to find problems, determine multiple solutions and act on the solution that fits for the current task at hand. Clearly not adversed to change, I always try to find a way to improve myself and my environment.

Artistic Rendition of June

Work Skills

  • Passionate Coder

    Programming has always been an interesting way for me to solve complex problems. Which is why I've always had a passion for creating video games.

  • Organization

    With leadership experience producing games, leading tournaments both online and in person, and organizing some of those events, I'm confident in my ability to create structured solutions.

  • Data Analytics & Marketing

    Doing both analytics and marketing simultaneously at Swarmio allowed me to make strategies with trackable return value, which led to employees being hired and more focused spending.


  • Lady Liefy artist and Vtuber

    LadyLiefy Vtuber Management

    I assisted Liefy & other Vtubers in breaking down current problems into managable chunks and assist them in tackling those issues. This included finding clients, managing viewership, Content think tanks, etc.

  • Orange and Blue Swirl

    Gift The Rift Landing Page

    A page created for the marketing team, meeting all the requirements for this celebrity event. I managed to include some more complex features like a dynamically updating video player, to really make this a website worthy of the eyes of hundreds of thousands.

  • Orange and Blue Swirl

    Swarmio Website Development

    My internship and initial hiring period at Swarmio was focusing on designing & implementing new content -- A League of Legends automated tournament system. As that task wrapped up, I shifted towards website development, data analytics, & Q&A. Often being a vital source of reality checks, and assisting in refocusing team resources.

  • Orange and Blue Swirl with Wrench

    Swarmio's Admin Tools

    After establishing numerous manual database updates and system repairs that needed to be done on the fly, I co-created a safe to use toolset usable by even non-programming staff.

  • Video Game Home Screen

    Techno Beats

    Techno Beats was my 3rd game production as project lead. This was an ambitious project for a brand new studio of people who had no prior experience with each other. We met required expectations, but felt like we had something we wished we put more work into.

  • Video game: small man fighting large snake woman

    Vile (Video Game)

    My 2nd game production as project lead. Working with mostly friends made brainstorming ideas & solutions much more natural, but getting team members (including myself!) to meet expecations, and stick to deadlines was a hurdle.

  • Wix and Wordpress Logos

    Wix & Wordpress

    Mockup sample websites for an art portfolio & sales website. Both have strengths and weaknesses that may effect decisions on which one is right for the situation.

  • Seasons Hair Salon Logo

    Website for Seasons Hair salon

    My first independent contract. I ended up losing my front-end developer and scaled back the scope to be a viable solo project. The website ran until the business closed.

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